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Ex-fiancé says Sheridan a dud in the bedroom

Nicollette Sheridan may be a sexual firecracker on “Desperate Housewives” but her ex is charging she’s a flameout in real life.
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Nicollette Sheridan may be a sexual firecracker on “Desperate Housewives” but her ex is charging she’s a flameout in real life.

“I guess she's sexy on screen, but definitely not in a real-life relationship,” former fiancé Nicklas Soderblom told the London Mirror. “She uses her sexuality to get what she wants and as soon as the ring is on her finger, she stops wanting to have sex. She's afraid of commitment.”

And — perhaps in a case of sour grapes — Soderblom has cautionary words for Sheridan’s new fiancé, singer Michael Bolton. “I feel sorry for Michael,” he said, “because I think he really loves her. But I know there's no way in hell a relationship is going to work with Nicollette Sheridan."

Sour noteJanet Jackson’s “All For You” got plenty of air time — but if her people get their way, we won’t hear much about a lawsuit over who wrote the Grammy-nominated tune.

Songwriter Michael Ortega has been pursuing legal action against Michael Jackson’s kid sister, her record company and others, charging that her songwriters, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, stole chunks of a tune he’d written for Jackson’s 2001 hit single.

Now the case is going to court in California, but Jackson’s lawyers want to keep the public away. “It appears that Janet's attorneys are attempting to impose a gag order over the case so that all documents are ‘confidential’. . and a public trial thus becomes private,” Ortega told the Scoop. “This action would severely tie the hands of the press to cover this trial.”

Notes from all over
Did Kevin Federline drop some serious cash at the blackjack table? Britney Spears’ hubby was betting $500 and $1000 per hand at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas recently, according to Life & Style Weekly, and a source estimates that the rapper wannabe lost in the neighborhood of $20,000 in three hours.  . . . If you think Mariah Carey’s a diva, you should see Snoop Dogg, she says. The rapper was supposed to fly to Paris to shoot scenes for Carey’s next video, “Say Something,” but cited scheduling problems, so his scenes will be shot in Los Angeles. But there may be more to the story. “If you guys think I’m a diva and I have requirements, Snoop is like next NEXT level — hip-hop king,” Carey told The Source. “His requirements to get to Paris are beyond platinum editions, they're like beyond ultra-platinum editions, they're like diamond editions. So we love Snoop, but we wish he had been here as well.”  . . .  David Morrissey spent months getting his bod buff for “Basic Instinct 2,” but his sweetie had eyes only for the movie’s kitchen appliances. “After my character walks into the kitchen, she turns to me in the theatre and whispers, ‘That's the type of refrigerator we should get’” Morrissey told Hello magazine. “I was like, ‘I sweated blood to get that body, and you want the fridge?’”

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