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Ex-boyfriend claims JWOWW stabbed him

Tom Briglia / Getty Images / Today
Jenni "JWoww" Farley of the "Jersey Shore" allegedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis.

The nasty split between "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "JWOWW" Farley and ex Tom Lippolis continues to get nastier ages after the breakup.

In a new interview with Star magazine, Lippolis, who also used to be JWOWW's manager, says he's shocked by how the reality star can go on saying that he had abused her when she was the one who was cheating and abusing him.

A video of the interview (available on Radar Online) shows Lippolis recounting the details of her attacks while they were still together. During one particularly nasty verbal fight in which they were "just yelling at each other," Lippolis said he looked down and saw that he was bleeding. "She literally stabbed me with a knife," he said. "It looked like something out of a surgery TV show. ... She cut right through the muscle, my bicep."

Lippolis said that the alleged attack landed him in the emergency room, where he had to get 57 stitches. And he said he has the photos to prove it.

That's quite some damage JWOWW allegedly inflicted! So why are we hearing about it just now and not from reports of an arrest for domestic violence? It's because Lippolis never reported the incident to police. Why? "I was crazy in love with her," he told Star.

The magazine goes on sale April 22.

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