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‘Everybody Hates Gilmore Girls’ new CW show?

CBS-Warner Bros. partnership could yield some interesting programs
/ Source: contributor

How will the new network known as “the CW” cram WB and UPN programming into a single lineup? Sure, the easy way would be to keep the good shows and get rid of, say, “Living With Fran.” The more interesting way would be to send the scientists scurrying to their labs to create a few hybrid shows.

  • Everybody Hates The Gilmore Girls: Tension mounts as the entire town of Stars Hollow admits that six years of self-examination is enough, and Lorelai and Rory are being shipped off to Brooklyn to live with the penny-pinching family of a young comedian.
  • Charmed Girlfriends: Four friends explore dating, careers, and the throwing of lightning bolts. Look out, cheating scumbags! Bring me my eye of newt!
  • Reba and Eve: Texas mom Reba relocates to Miami, where she becomes the advice-dispensing roommate of a fashion maven, changes careers, and becomes an enormous success after inventing a leather bustier accented with red bandannas.
  • America’s Next Top Geek: Fourteen science nerds move into a glamorous apartment where they compete in a series of grueling challenges under the watchful eye of host Stephen Hawking. First prize is a $100,000 contract with the Department of Defense.
  • 7 Ruthie Camden’s parents taught her to be a model citizen and God-fearing do-gooder. When she joins an sassy firm of dating consultants, Mom and Dad wonder whether all their careful teaching has been in vain.
  • Living With Veronica Mars: Who can tame the likes of Logan Echolls? Fran Drescher, that’s who.