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Even more rats came along after 'Hoarders' episode

The rats that poured out of the walls of a southern California home on the season finale of A&E's “Hoarders” added to their numbers shortly after their removal.

In addition to the 1,000-plus pet rats sent away for adoption, the 350 that were later found on the premises and the one rat homeowner Glen was allowed to keep on Monday night’s episode, volunteers who worked to find homes for the rescued rodents had to deal with a still-growing population.

In a YouTube video, a volunteer from United Animal Nations explained that new rats were still being born in the days after they were removed from the overrun home.

“We do have some litters that were born yesterday and some that are actively giving birth now,” the UAN worker said in the clip filmed in November, shortly after the episode was shot. “So I’m just thrilled that we’re able to give them a clean environment and a safe, quiet environment to give birth rather than inside a hole in a wall with 800 other rats.”

Watch the following video for a reminder of just what Glen and those rats (not to mention the poor “Hoarders” crew) endured before the rescue and clean up: