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Eureka and Warehouse 13 Return With Alphas Premiere: Syfy Stars Spill on Summer Season

Are you ready for some...Syfy? Monday nights just amped up the power with this evening's return of fan faves Eureka and Warehouse 13, followed by the series premiere of superhero series Alphas.
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Are you ready for some...Syfy?

Monday nights just amped up the power with this evening's return of fan faves Eureka and Warehouse 13, followed by the series premiere of superhero series Alphas.

It's been so long since Eureka and Warehouse 13 last aired that we feared both shows were trapped in a temporal anomaly, so we chatted up their stars for some reassurance--and a few hints about what we can expect from their quirky, charming and always fun summer series.

What are you waiting for? Grab your artifact, rev up your sky cruiser and fly on in here! The fate of the planet depends on it!

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Big Bads: Tonight's first-rate episode of Eureka sees the return of the techie town's biggest bads; a side effect of this person's diabolical deeds is to sabotage Jack (Colin Ferguson) and Allison's (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) newfound happiness. "I get to be bad Allison a little bit," Salli revealed to us. The veteran villain manipulating Allison "doesn't work alone," though, Colin told us. "[It's] a team of people--it's a whole organization, it's a plan."

Over in South Dakota, Warehouse 13 star Eddie McClintock (agent Pete Lattimer) confirms that their team will also face a new threat: "This person is big and bad," Eddie teased without revealing the actor's name. "Personally, for me, I'm just like, 'What? That's awesome!' 'Cause this guy has done some great work, so to be able to have him be a part of the show is pretty cool," he teased.

Another big bad we'll see tonight on W13 is a wacky hairstyle Pete is rocking. Fortunately, Eddie confirms that it will soon be vanquished. "I was thinking I'd do something different," he explained, "but when I saw it on camera I hated it. So, I went back to the old style. Hopefully people will go, 'Oh wow, he was so bummed out when Myka (Joanne Kelly) left that he wanted his hair to look s--tty.'"

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Love, Eureka Style: Allison's victimization by that Bad Person and the evil conglomerate will strain her relationship with Jack, but at least Salli can confirm that we don't have any more love triangles to worry about. "No," she laughs. "I have no more men!" Colin adds, "We definitely make steps forward this year, which is great." However, their workplace romance "sort of creates all sorts of other problems," adds Colin, with the happy (for us) result of introducing some beloved guest stars: Kids in the Hall's Dave Foley and Wallace Shawn, who, Colin teases, is "definitely connected to Jack and Allison's attempts at a relationship." The diminutive Princess Bride and Gossip Girl scene stealer, who appears in two episodes this season, also returns again for season five, Colin revealed. Inconceivable!

Meanwhile, Neil Grayston is getting a lot of action this season in his two roles as Fargo and SARAH, Sheriff Carter's smart house. Despite SARAH getting cold feet about her wedding to robot Deputy Andy, Colin Ferguson promises, "There is a future for those two. Every relationship goes through problems, real or not--I guess [I mean] organic or not. But they're a great couple." In addition to flirting with his flirtation with newcomes Holly (Felicia Day), Neil's human character, Fargo, enjoys a full-on bromance with Zane (Niall Matter), as a result of being trapped together in a space capsule in tonight's episode. (Speaking of romance, the boys' bond helps to reignite Zane's romance with Jo [Erica Cerra].) "When we were stuck inside that capsule, I think that was three full days of [filming] just me and Niall," Neil said about his real-life buddy, "so it was really good times--really fun." Romance, bromance and robomance--only in Eureka!

Welcome Party: Both Eureka and W13 are expanding their casts this season. Fargo's (Neil Grayston) consternation at the arrival of brilliant but quirky Holly yields to adoration, especially once he discovers the real reason for her visit to Global Dynamics. But Fargo has a romantic rival--the prickly rogue Dr. Parrish (Wil Wheaton): "It's a tug of war of who will win her heart," Neil told us, "which happens throughout the season. [Parrish] is just about as neurotic as Fargo, so Fargo definitely has some competition there." "Both Wil and Felicia don't feel like guest stars anymore," Neil adds, promising that both will return next season. "They feel like part of the cast because they've been around for so long."

While the Warehouse 13 team may have temporarily lost Myka, they welcome a new agent tonight, Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), a "human lie detector" whose character also happens to be gay. "We didn't create the character to make some political statement," Eddie said, adding that the show benefits from Jinks' "young male energy." Pete's reaction to Jinks' revelation that he's gay is typical and awesome, Eddie adds. "Pete's like, 'Really? You're gay? That's awesome because no one else around here appreciates how hard I work out.' It doesn't phase him at all--Pete's like, 'Dude, I don't care what you are, we're friends.' And I love that about Pete." Rest assured, fans: Jinks is not replacing Myka.

Guest Room: This season Warehouse 13 will welcome "lots of great people in lots of fun roles" sure to please sci-fi fans, said Eddie, including Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew and Jerri Ryan as well as Caprica's Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Ruiz. Returning guests include Lindsay Wagner [as Warehouse doctor--and Artie's love interest--Vanessa Calder], and Trek vet Rene Auberjonois as computer expert Hugo Miller. Neil Grayston's Fargo is also returning to the Warehouse in another Eureka crossover episode: "That is actually one of the most insane episodes of TV I have ever filmed and I cannot wait to see it," Neil told us.

Blast From the Past: "We're going to find out more about Pete's backstory," this season, Eddie promises: "Some cool stuff about Pete, and what happened to Pete, and what happened to his father, and who are the big influences in his life."

Syfy's "Powerful Monday" lineup begins tonight at 8 p.m. Are you excited as we are for all this geek goodness?

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