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Enrique Iglesias: I’ll water-ski nude (but late at night)

During a TODAY concert series appearance Friday, the singer didn't back down from his promise to water-ski nude if his native Spain won the World Cup — but he wouldn’t set a date, and said he’d only do it late on a moonless night.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Enrique Iglesias says he is ready to make good on his World Cup bet to water-ski nude — but the pop superstar won’t set a date, and said he will only do it late on a moonless night.

Iglesias added the fine print on his pledge between songs he performed live Friday for TODAY fans on Rockefeller Plaza in New York. He first made the vow to water-ski nude on Miami’s Biscayne Bay after Spain — the ultimate winner — dropped its first match and was deemed a long shot to win the World Cup.

“When’s it going to happen? ... When are you doing it?” TODAY’s Matt Lauer asked on behalf of the throngs of young females enjoying Iglesias’ performance as part of the Toyota Summer Concert Series.

“Matt, let me tell you one thing. You would look a lot better than me skiing naked,” Iglesias said.

Lauer wasn’t having any of that. “No, no, no. I didn’t make the promise.”

“Look at my legs. I got chicken legs,” Iglesias stalled.

Lauer persisted, but couldn’t get Iglesias to commit to a date. “I said I would do it late at night — and not in a full moon,” the singer finally offered.

Long a top artist in the Latin market, Iglesias has become an enormous crossover star, with hit songs in both the Latin and English markets. His 21 No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks chart are an all-time record.

Iglesias’ newest album, “Euphoria,” is being released this month.The son of Spanish singing legend Julio Iglesias, the 35-year-old has said it won’t be the first time he’s water-skied in the buff. “That is what we used to do when we were kids,” he told the BBC last month.

He didn’t add that back then, few were watching.

There’s no word on what Iglesias’ girlfriend, Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova — who’s been photographed in the altogether a number of times herself — thinks of it all. Nor do we know how she feels about Iglesias’ steamy kiss with a fan named Melissa plucked from the Rockefeller Plaza crowd on Friday. After singing to the Bronx, N.Y., resident and slow-dancing with her on stage, Iglesias gave her a kiss smack on the lips.

Melissa said later that she’s not “starstruck,” but admitted she will remember the moment.

“It was hot ... I’m thinking dirty thoughts,” she confessed.