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Enjoying the ‘Simple Things’ with Amy Grant

For this Christian music artist it’s all about the music and singing about real life.
/ Source: TODAY

On this week’s Backstage Pass: Amy Grant. We caught up with the Christian music pop star on tour in Atlanta promoting her new album and learned just how she’s able to juggle music, marriage and motherhood.

Making a joyful noise at the First Baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia and performing 10 shows in just 7 days — this is Amy Grant, taking it easy.

Grant has sold nearly 22 million records worldwide, won five Grammy awards, numerous Dove awards - including “Artist of the Year” four times and has performed everywhere from the White House to The Grand Ole Opry to Monday Night Football. Her annual Christmas tour has consistently played to sold-out arenas and her songs continue to find their place on both pop and Christian radio.

“My life at home, I’m a wife and a mother of four, honestly being out on the road is kind of a nice break.”

Grant has taken Christian music and her positive message to a wider audience and broader platform than any other artist in the contemporary Christian genre. She’s opened doors for others to enter by demonstrating the far-reaching appeal of great music with a positive message. That appeal has come from her accessibility and her artistry.

Traveling with a small group of musicians grant is out on tour promoting, “Simple Things,” her latest album.

The project took three years to complete.

“Because it took so long to make I feel like it captured an arc in my life of great change,” says Grant.

That change included ending a 16-year marriage to singer Gary Chapman, marrying country singer, Vince Gill and having a baby.

“Going from a very public person going through a divorce, especially with my church background, that arc of working through my own shame, through forgiveness for myself and others, to the first inklings of real peace and then to it’s good to be alive.”

Family has always been an important part of Amy Grant’s life. The youngest of four daughters, she was born in Augusta, Georgia, but grew up in Nashville in a strong Christian home that instilled faith and family values. It was also a family that nurtured their youngest daughter’s creative gifts.

With the release of the new CD, Grant is back to the business of performing and her fans are right there with her. But with some members of her family, it’s a different story.

“I do not sit around and play the guitar much at home because Corrina, my two-year-old cannot stand it and every time I try to sing or play she puts her hand over my mouth and say’s ‘no mommy.’”

But for Amy Grant it’s all about enjoying life’s “Simple Things.”

“To me it’s all about the music and singing about real life.”