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Encounter with ‘Hung’ star cost waiter his job

Beverly Hills restaurant worker fired for complaining on Twitter about lack of tip from Jane Adams.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

A Hollywood waiter is claiming an encounter with “Hung” star Jane Adams cost him his job at a popular eatery.

Jon-Barrett Ingels, 31, claims Adams, who plays Tanya on the HBO series, visited celeb hot spot Barney Greengrass (the cafe on the fifth floor of Barneys New York in Beverly Hills) in July and “skipped out on a $13.44 check,” he posted on his Twitter page earlier this summer.

“Her agent called and payed (sic) the following day. NO TIP!!!” he wrote on July 17.

And as it turns out, it was venting on his Twitter page that ultimately cost Ingels his job.

Ingels — who chronicled serving the likes of Tori Spelling, Ali Larter and “Office” stars B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling on his Twitter page in the days after serving Adams — documented the encounter on his personal blog, noting after he dropped off the check, Adams admitted she had forgotten her wallet in her car and asked if she could go out and grab it.

However, according to Ingels, Adams never returned. Instead, a rep for the actress called the restaurant offering to pay the tab, which was $13.75 — but left out the tip.

“Not a big deal to me financially but the principle of the thing was ridiculous. I put my neck on the line by letting her leave without paying and end up getting screwed,” he wrote on his blog.

Yet, it wasn’t the fact he let Adams leave without paying that would cost Ingels his job, but rather Barney’s corporate made the decision after finding his Twitter account and seeing his posts about the run-in.

Ingels said the company fired him after five years of employment.

“I understand they want to keep a safe environment for the celebrities and I think that I broke that safety,” Ingels told AOL’s Slashfood. “Had they come to me and said you need to take this down or change it to private, had I been told if you don’t do this, you’re going to lose your job — I would’ve done that.”

And while Ingels’ story has garnered buzz online, with the now-out-of-work waiter giving interviews to various blog sites, it also apparently made its way back to Adams herself.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times’ Brand X column, Ingels said Adams returned to the restaurant a month later (prior to his termination) and “slapped three dollar bills on the table in front of him.”

“Thank you so much. You didn’t have to do this,” Ingels recalled saying.

“Well, I read about it on Twitter!” he said Adams responded.

Despite the events that unfolded, Ingels appears not to hold any ill will towards the actress.

“For the record I think Jane Adams (Hung) is a great actress!!” he Tweeted on Aug. 15.

“Need to thank Jane Adams! After she got me fired, I have had five uninterrupted days with my daughter!” he added on Sept. 3.

A spokesperson for Barneys Corporate or Barney Greengrass was not immediately available for comment on the story when contacted by Access Hollywood. In addition, HBO had no comment on the report.