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Emma Watson's phone goes off in interview and reveals perfect ringtone

"That is so embarrassing!" she said with a smile (and a blush) as a song blasted out.
/ Source: TODAY

When Emma Watson's phone rang during a serious interview about films and fashion, the actress couldn't believe her bad luck. As for the interviewer, he couldn't believe just how cool Watson's ringtone was.

The call came less than a minute into the "Beauty and the Beast" star's chat with ITV's Mark Heyes.

"That is so embarrassing," she said with a smile as a song loudly interrupted them.

Emma Watson interview gets interrupted by phonecallLorraine / YouTube

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But she had nothing to be embarrassed about, at least when it came to her ringtone of choice — Tina Turner's 1989 blues-rock hit "Steamy Windows."

"That's ultimate respect," Heyes told the blushing actress. "I think that the best ringtone I've ever heard."

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After giving it a little thought — and silencing her phone — Watson had to agree.

"Well, I'm forgiven because it's Tina Turner," she said. "Otherwise that would have been terrible!"

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