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Emma Watson Perks Up After Harry Potter

Contrary to popular belief, there is life--if not dates--once the Harry Potter franchise is over.
/ Source: E!online

Contrary to popular belief, there is life-- if not dates --once the Harry Potter franchise is over.

Emma Watson's aware of this and has already been hard at work on her next films, one of which is Perks of Being a Wallflower starring Paul Rudd, Nina Dobrev and Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman, who tweeted a bunch of photos from the set yesterday, including the adorable one you see to your left.

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The movie, based off a book by Stephen Chobsky (who is also directing the film), takes place in Pittsburgh around 1991 and focuses on a teen's letters detailing his experiences with sex, drugs and, you know, adolescence.

Sounds kinda trippy, right?

While some reports say this is Watson's first post-Potter movie, it's her second. The young actress first worked on My Week With Marilyn, a film set in the 1960s about a young Brit whose job is to escort Monroe while she is filming in the country.

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