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Emma Watson and Dan Stevens interviewed by adorable 'Mini Belle' and 'Mini Beast'

The "Beauty and the Beast" stars had so much fun chatting with the mini versions of their characters.
/ Source: TODAY

“Beauty and the Beast” stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have made the media rounds in recent weeks to promote their new movie, but this is easily their best interview yet.

Here they are chatting with “Mini Belle” and “Mini Beast,” a.k.a. two kids named Olivia and Ted dressed as Watson’s and Stevens’ characters. The actors loved it!

“Oh my goodness! You look amazing!” Watson gushed.

“That’s your dress! Where did you get (it)?” Stevens asked Olivia.

“I don’t know, they gave it to me,” Olivia replied, getting a big laugh out of Watson and Stevens. Gotta love her honesty!

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The non-so-mini Belle in "Beauty and the Beast."Disney

Before the interview began, Olivia gave Watson a rose. We’re guessing someone gave that to her, too.

With pleasantries out of the way, the children got down to business, asking Watson and Stevens about their performances in “Beauty and the Beast.” Both actors admitted that they were more nervous about their singing in the film than they were about their acting.

“It was the first time Dan and I had ever done that in a film before, so I think we were both quite nervous,” Watson said.

The conversation peaked at the very end, when “Mini Belle” and “Mini Beast” sat with their interview subjects, with Watson wrapping her arms around Olivia. It’s not something you’d normally see from reporters, but most reporters aren’t as sweet as Olivia and Ted!

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