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Emma Thompson reveals Donald Trump once asked her on a date

Actress Emma Thompson revealed that back in the '90s, the future president called her while she was filming the movie "Primary Colors."
/ Source: TODAY

President Donald Trump once asked out Hillary Clinton on a date — well, a fictional version of her.

"Love Actually" star Emma Thompson revealed to a Swedish talk show that Trump asked her out to dinner around the time she was filming the movie "Primary Colors," a thinly-veiled account of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign.

Thompson was playing a character named Susan Stanton, a Hillary Clinton-ish wife of a Southern governor running for pres played by John Travolta.

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Recounting the story to talk show host Fredrik Skavlan, Thomson said she was in her trailer on the set in Los Angeles when she got a call saying, "Hi. It's Donald Trump here."

Primary Colors Primary Colors 1998 John Travolta Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson and John Travolta in the 1998 movie "Primary Colors." Alamy Stock

A stunned Thompson, who had never met Trump, was trying to make sense of the call when he offered to put her up in Trump Towers and proposed a dinner date.

"Well, you know, I think we would get on very well — maybe we could have dinner sometime," Thompson said Trump told her.

The Academy Award winner said she never called the future president back, but now regrets it.

"I wish I had,'' she said. "Think of the stories!"

"You could have been first lady,'' Skavlan joked.

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