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Busted! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield catch fan taking sneaky photo

Image: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
@alegb21 via Instagram

When a fan spotted Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dining across the room from her at a New York hot spot, she thought she'd pull a fast one on the couple and get a photo. But in the end, it was the fan who was surprised.

Alejandra Garibay was dining at Lure Fishbar when she decided to aim her lens at her dining partner — all while surreptitiously focusing in of the celebrity duo in the background. But they were on to her wily ways, as evidenced by Stone's priceless, jaw-dropped reaction. (Garfield, for his part, looked a bit less amused.)

"Ok, so... either I caught a great moment between #AndrewGarfield & #EmmaStone or I clearly got caught and I am officially FIRED as a paparazzi," Garibay wrote in the caption accompanying the photo on Instagram, adding the hashtag "#oops."

But as the photo gained attention on Reddit and beyond, the unintended paparazzo, who actually works as an art director, reconsidered.

"Maybe I am not fired as a paparazzi after all," she joked in another caption.

Maybe, but maybe she's learned an important lesson, too: There's just no fooling Stone and Garfield. The "Amazing Spider-man" stars have a second sense — a Spidey sense? — when it comes to cameras.

In 2012, the privacy-loving couple spotted real paparazzi outside a restaurant they were dining at and turned the tables on those shutterbugs, too, by holding up signs.

Actress Emma Stone and boyfriend actor Andrew Garfield used the paparazzi to their advantage by holding up cardboard signs to promote some charitable organizations.Said Elatab / Today

"We just found out that there were paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So ... why not take this," Stone's sign read, with an arrow pointing to Garfield's, whose sign continued, "opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it / Have a great day!"

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