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Eminem mocks Madonnain upcoming video

Eminem  dresses up in drag for footage he’ll likely use in an upcoming video, appearing as the Material Girl as she looked during her Blonde Ambition Tour, a source tells The Scoop.
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Eminem is mocking Madonna.

The controversial rapper dresses up in drag for footage he’ll likely use in an upcoming video, appearing as the Material Girl as she looked during her Blonde Ambition Tour, a source tells The Scoop.

In the scene, Slim Shady wears full make-up, a long ponytail, and conical bra. He reportedly wants to use the footage in his video, “Just Lose It.”

“Eminem is really getting into sex and gender issues,” says the insider, who points out that the rapper recently also shot scenes for a video while buck naked — except for shoes and socks and a sock covering his private parts. It’s not certain that either the Madonna or the nude scenes will be used, says a source close to Eminem.

His spokesman had no comment.

Sticking her neck out

March 14, 2000--SCI FI NABS LITERARY IDOL FOR NEXT 'I AM SCI FI' IDENTITY SPOT -- Supernatural tales are spun in SCI FI's newest 'I AM SCI FI' spot, this time starring the literary queen of horror and fantasy, Anne Rice. The promo begins as a winding tour ends, bringing you into the bowels of a dusky cave. Through the darkness you spot what appears to be a life-size cocoon hanging upside down. As you draw nearer, the cocoon opens to reveal that it's none other than Anne inside. With a mischievous grin, she spreads her wings, releasing her legion of bats into the night's sky. (Business Wire photo)EW-USA NETWORK

Anne Rice is biting back.

The famed author of "The Vampire Chronicles" –—which was turned into a film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt — is getting chewed up for her latest book by some readers on, so she has posted on a sharp rebuttal to those online critics. Some readers have written scathing reviews of “Blood Canticle,” the final installment in the hugely popular Vampire Chronicle series. Rice not only defends the book, she offers disgruntled readers a refund.

More than 200 readers posted reviews, and while some were positive, many were harsh. “My hard-earned $25 would have been better spent on gin, cigarettes, and porn,” wrote one reviewer, who went on to call the book, “whiny, affected, uninspired, and poorly written.” Wrote another: “There are no words to describe how offensive and bad ‘Blood Canticle’ is. Racist, religiously bias, [sic] and sexist.”

“Seldom do I really answer those who criticize my work,” came a lengthy posting in the name of Anne Rice, who she goes on to say she is offended by the “sheer outrageous stupidity of many things you’ve said here.”  She then comments that those who have “posted outrageously negative comments here. . . aren’t even reading [her book]. You are projecting your own limitations on it.”

In closing, she gives out her e-mail address, as well as her street address to critics, saying "I’m not a coward about my real name or where I live. And yes, the Chronicles are no more! Thank God!”

Rice couldn’t be reached to confirm if she did, indeed, write the posting.

Notes from all over

Fantasia Barrino, this year's American Idol winner, in American Rag Cie. Barrino is the new spokesmodel for the vintage-inspired brand, available exclusively at Macy's. (Photo: Business Wire)Federated Department Stores, Inc

When so-called Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"  yesterday, lawyers for her former lover Joey Buttafuoco said he’d be happy to appear on the show as well — for $50,000. Winfrey’s show doesn’t pay guests and declined.  . . . Rosario Dawson says Colin Farrell has a way with women — and men. The “Alexander” actress has a sex scene with Farrell in “Alexander,” and gave her co-star rave reviews. “It was very intense and very passionate,” Dawson tells the October/November issue of Complex magazine. “You meet him and he’s really charming.  He’s mouthy and he’s Irish and that’s who he is. It’s not a cliché.  He’s expressive and exuberant and says whatever the f--- he feels like saying.  He’s ridiculous.  He charms the pants off people—men and women—and I mean that both figuratively and literally.”   . . . Newly-minted celeb Fantasia Barrino, shown at left, is already blasting the downside of fame. The "American Idol" winner, who’s also an unwed mother, complained to the November issue of Vibe that the media keeps trying to sanitize her image. “Why do I have to put my child on a front, change who I am, hide my child? With TV shows like 'Idol,' people want you to make life into a fairy tale,” she told the November issue of the magazine. “You go out on the streets and see how some people are living: homeless and not knowing where their next meal is coming from. That’s everyday life, that’s real struggle — and I’ve been through that. I wasn’t gonna fake the funk for nobody. I have to be true to myself.”

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