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Eminem bares all for new video

If people think Britney Spears wears slutty clothes, wait until they see what Eminem’s wearing in his next video. Nothing.

The controversial rapper has been shooting a video in Los Angeles from his next CD, “Encore” an in it, he appears naked. Well, not completely naked — he’s wearing shoes and socks; what seems to be a sock is wrapped around the controversial rapper’s private parts.

Eminem’s physique looks quite buff, but his body is disturbingly hairless. Whether or not the nudie footage will make it into the final cut of the video is apparently still up in the air, but in the meantime, the revealing pics of Eminem taken during the shoot by UK tabloids are being widely circulated on the Internet. Scoffed one e-mailer, “Looks like Eminem’s trying to shock us again.”

"Encore," Eminem’s fourth CD, hits stores Nov. 16.

Emmy odds

Jill Connelly / AP
**FILE**Jennifer Aniston arrives for a benefit in Beverly Hills, Calif., Aug. 19, 2003. The actress was one of the celebrities who were singled out for having top tresses in a recent celebrity hair survey by Wella. To determine the year's best and worst in hair, Wella conducted unscientific surveys after the MTV Video Music Awards, the Emmy Awards and the American Music Awards. Aniston won for best overall hair and best highlights. (AP Photo/Jill Connelly,file)

Jennifer Aniston’s chances of winning an Emmy are slipping.

The “Friends” star was the odds-on favorite to take home the statue for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy when the nominees were announced in July.

But now, WagerOnSports.Com, an on-line betting company that places odds on such things, says she’s been overtaken by Sarah Jessica Parker of "Sex and the City."

Aniston had been favored to win with 9/5 odds, but that figure has slipped to 19/10. Meanwhile, Parker’s odds have climbed from 5/2 to 5/7.

“Betters have been betting at a 5-to-1 clip on Sarah Jessica Parker,” a spokesman for WagerOnSports.com told The Scoop, and that has affected the odds.

“The Sopranos” is still expected to sweep the awards show, which takes place this Sunday.

Notes from all over

Gregory Bull / AP
Martha Stewart pauses while speaking at a news conference at her offices in New York Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004. Martha Stewart said Wednesday she has decided to surrender for prison as soon as possible, citing the need to "put this nightmare behind me and get on with my life." (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

“It’s a sad day in Marthaville,” John Small, the operator of SaveMartha.com told The Scoop shortly after Martha Stewart’s announcement yesterday that she won’t appeal her conviction and will go directly to jail. But Small says he won’t give up fighting for the domestic diva. “We have nearly 18,000 signatures on a petition for her pardon that we’ll be sending to President Bush,” he said. “If that doesn’t work, we’ll be sending care packages to Martha in prison. Maybe nice little snacks that she can’t get there.”   . . . Mariah Carey is turning a song she originally sang for a Japanese Tea commercial into a single on her next CD, says a source.   . . .Sounds like Carrie Fisher didn’t enjoy being directed by George Lucas. The actress/writer/talk show host starred as Princess Leia in the "Star Wars" trilogy, but she didn’t have entirely kind things to say about the experience. “[Lucas] often treated the cast like puppets, just directing our heads,” Fisher told the London Sun. “I think he was frustrated that we weren't animated clay. We used to call ourselves trick talking meat. As for the dialogue, you could type the stuff but you couldn’t say it. It was impossible.” Fisher also wasn’t fond of one of the sexy outfits she was required to wear. “Not only is it revealing, it doesn’t go where you go.  . . . If you were standing behind me, you could see all the way to Florida.”

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