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We’ve been saying Emily Ratajkowski’s name incorrectly all along

But don’t worry! Even the celebrity herself gets it wrong sometimes.

Emily Ratajkowski has long told fans that “the J is silent” in her last name. But in a new clip, the 31-year-old model and actor reveals there’s more to know for those who really want to say it right.

Ratajkowski set the record straight during a backstage interview at the Tory Burch Fall-Winter 2023/2024 show for New York Fashion Week.

In a clip on the label’s Instagram page, Vogue contributor Liana Satenstein asks the “Lying and Stealing” star, “How do you pronounce your last name?”

Her answer: “Rat-ah-kof-skah.”

So that means the W is just as silent as the J, there's also a surprise F sound, and the ending seems to feature a vowel switcheroo. Ratajkowski went on to explain that “ski” works, too, but “if it’s feminine” she says “skah” is really the correct way to wrap it up.

However, you can consider yourself forgiven if you've been saying it another way. After all, so has she.

Despite the lesson she gave Tory Burch's followers, Ratajkowski usually pronounces her surname “Rat-ah-cow-ski" when on camera. 

Of course, she's far from alone when it comes to celebrities who's names aren't being said correctly.

In January, "That's So Raven" star Raven-Symoné surprised fans by revealing that rather than pronouncing the second half of her name the same as "Simone" or even "Simone-A," the final syllable should really be "ye."

A few months earlier, Adele said she's not "Uh-dell" but rather "Uh-dehwl."

And some Alicia Silverstone fans were taken aback in 2021, when the "Clueless" actor declared, “My name is ‘Ah-LEE-see-ah.' Not ‘Ah-LEE-shah.’ Not ‘Ah-lee-SHAH.’ Alicia!”