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Emily Osment on working with Betty White: 'She's got a mouth on her'

Osment recalled working with White a few years ago on the sitcom "Young & Hungry."
/ Source: TODAY

Betty White is still keeping everyone on their toes!

Emily Osment, who worked with White on two episodes of the sitcom “Young & Hungry” a few years ago, talked about what it was like to appear alongside the legendary actor and comedian.

“She’s got a mouth on her!” the "Pretty Smart" star, 29, said with a laugh as she spoke to guest host Jay Leno on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “I don’t know what words I can say on this television show, so I’m going to hold back.”

White, 99, is known for her sharp wit, and Osment said her humor was on full display on the “Young & Hungry” set.

“She’s very funny. I was very fortunate to work with Betty,” she said.

“I mean, first of all, she’s beautiful,” she continued. “She’s just so stunning to look at, she’s got really beautiful skin, and she shows up and she’s, you know, razzing you.”

Betty White and Emily Osment
Osment said it was an honor to work with White.Eric McCandless / Freeform via Getty Images

White appeared in two episodes of "Young & Hungry" in 2017, guest-starring in one episode alongside fellow comedy icon Carl Reiner, who died last year at 98.

Osment recalled how everyone on set felt in awe of White.

“You watch our crew that’s been around forever, they’ve worked with so many people, and then she walks onstage and they all kind of just, ‘Hi, Ms. White, it’s very nice to meet you,’” she said.

“The amount of respect that she garners walking into a room is very interesting and well-deserved,” she added. “But, man, she’s got a mouth on her, doesn’t she?”

She also shared a story about how White, a longtime animal activist, surprised everyone with some four-legged visitors.

“Her team didn’t tell anybody on the ‘Young & Hungry’ stage, just shows up with a petting zoo of, like, exotic animals,” she said.

She also shared a photo of White stroking what might have been an “African lynx or some sort of snow leopard.”

“She was like, ‘Oh, Betsy, it’s good to see you again,’” Osment said, recalling what White was saying to the big cat, “and I’m like, 'You know this animal?' She’s the raddest.”