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Elton John’s show of support angers Diana fans

Princess Diana fans are appalled that her old buddy Elton John is standing up for her old foe Camilla Parker Bowles.
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Princess Diana fans are appalled that her old buddy Elton John is standing up for her old foe Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Rocket Man — who once called reporters in Taiwan “rude, vile pigs” — has blasted the U.S. press for being unkind to Prince Charles and his new wife. American reporters have unfavorably compared Camilla’s sense of style with that of the late princess and have dubbed the Duchess of Cornwall the “Frump Tower.”

“I just think they’ve had very negative press, pretty mean press,” John has said, “and I just think it’s unnecessary.”

“It’s ironic that someone who was supposedly a dear friend of Diana is now standing up for the Rottweiler,” noted one Diana fan, referring to the less-than-flattering term the late princess had for the woman she blamed for breaking up her marriage. “How soon they forget! What, is Elton now going to write a version of ‘Candle In The Wind’ for Camilla?”

No dabblers wanted
Madonna is miffed that people like Paris Hilton don’t take her religion more seriously.

The one-time Material Girl is blasting the partying heiress, saying that Hilton is just dabbling in Kabbalah. “People like Paris Hilton come into a center and buy a book or a band and that’s it for them,”  she said. “It doesn’t mean they study it. It’s very hard to be a believer. I’m very serious about it.”

But some think that someone like Madonna, who has been studying Jewish texts for a decade, can’t possibly be seriously into Kabbalah either. “In order to incorporate [Kabbalah] into one’s living, one must be deeply familiar with Jewish texts,” Rabbi Daniel Freitag, who teaches adult education courses on Jewish mysticism at Atlanta Scholars Kollel, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It’s basically like trying to understand advanced rocket science without understanding arithmetic.”

Notes from all overGeorge Clooney believes in equal opportunity. Appearing at the U.K. premiere of his film “Good Night and Good Luck” with his ex-girlfirend Lisa Snowdon, Clooney was asked if he prefers Italian or American women. “I’ve no preference towards anyone, ladies or men, Italian or American,” he quipped. . . . Jodie Foster was somewhat dismissive of flight attendants who objected to the portrayal of the profession in her movie “Flightplan.” “It wasn’t a very organized thing,” Foster said while promoting the flick overseas. “It was a couple of stewards here and there. It’s a genre film, so the fact there is some insensitivity among the crew, I don’t think it stereotypes flight attendants the world over.” . . . Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t bothered that she snagged a great role — perhaps at someone else’s expense. Asked about reports that Sharon Stone is upset because Jones got the role she wanted, playing Lana Turner in the film “Stompanato,” Jones shot back, “Guess what? I wanted to be in Basic Instinct 2!”

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