Ellie Kemper is back! Watch her channel 'The Office' in TODAY's office

/ Source: TODAY

A familiar face returned to TODAY! Ellie Kemper, who guest-hosted the 9 o'clock hour of the show throughout much of the summer, came back for one more morning of laughs Monday.

TODAY Show: TODAY Show Anchors in Studio 1A and on the plaza -- March 16, 2015.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

And we sure put her to work!

Long before Ellie helped out on TODAY — even before she made her mark in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" — the actress gained famed as a receptionist on the hit sitcom "The Office." So it only made sense for her to put some of her office skills to use around here.

Ellie Kemper as a receptionist in 'The Office'TODAY

Over the course of just one short shift at the reception desk, she fielded viewer questions, hassled Lester Holt and got a surprise from pal Al Roker.

Ellie Kemper played a quirky receptionist on “The Office” for four seasons, so TODAY decided to give her the chance to be a receptionist for the show for the day. Watch as she fields odd questions from viewers and gives Nightly News anchor Lester Holt a hard time about his ID.TODAY

She even took a call from her biggest fan — her mom . Of course, it wasn't the first time Dotty, who shares her daughter's sense of humor, has called in to talk to Ellie.

Her mom gave her a shock on her very first day at the Take table.

Here's hoping Ellie will stop by for another visit soon!

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