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Ellen and Justin Hartley spoof 'This Is Us' with onions, and now we're crying

This is ... hilarious! Cue the waterworks for this parody clip from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
Ellen & Justin Hartley in 'This Is Onions'
We'll never look at onions the same way again after seeing Ellen and Justin Hartley's \"This Is Us\" spoof!Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.
/ Source: TODAY

If you still have any tissues left after watching Tuesday night's emotional episode of "This Is Us," go grab 'em — because this parody from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" promises to prompt tears.

And so many laughs!

Why all the mixed emotions? Well, as the narrator of the spoof promises, it not only features "the most crying on TV," but also "the most onions on TV."

Which also explains why the clip is called "This Is Onions."

Miss Ellen & Justin Hartley in 'This Is Onions'
Grab your tissues! Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres premieres the exclusive trailer for the brand-new drama, "This Is Onions," starring herself and Justin Hartley on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

DeGeneres plays the part of a perpetually teary-eyed homemaker whose onion-chopping chore only brings on more weeping when she's joined by Justin Hartley, aka the Big Three's Kevin Pearson.

Together, the perfectly happy duo cry over their cutting boards, sob into their root vegetables and wail over mundane topics like Hartley's "real father" — that is, until they flash forward to the future and a gray-haired Hartley finds something to really get upset about.

"I have some terrible news," he says. "You know that old slow cooker that we got from our neighbors?"


"You left it on all day. OK, It kept getting hotter and hotter. And the kids — well, the kids were home alone," he says.

"What happened?!" DeGeneres' character wails.

"You forgot to put the onions in," he announces. "It's gonna taste like garbage!"

It could've been worse, of course — just ask Jack — but a bland dinner is certainly worth some waterworks.