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Ellen has fun with Savannah Guthrie's crush on tennis pro Roger Federer

Everybody loves a winner, but the TODAY anchor has a special affection for this Wimbledon champ.
/ Source: TODAY

You might have heard, but TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie has a little bit of a thing for Swiss tennis champ Roger Federer.

OK, it's actually more like a full-blown obsession, and we've kind of known about it for a while now.

And due to her incredible influence as a journalist, she was actually able to interview the object of that obsession in July, after which she turned around and posted a very specific clip to her Instagram:

She's even got little Vale into the swing of things!

But not until now has the full story truly been told, and thanks to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" we now can hear exactly what makes the TODAY anchor go squishy for Roger:

"I'm not like a stalker!" she exclaimed on the show when Ellen displayed a few of the pictures Guthrie has taken in the past, but then admitted, "I'm dying to meet him."

"He's not here," said Ellen, but she had the next best thing: a life-size cardboard cutout of the tennis player ... shirtless!

"I love it!" cried Guthrie, who promised to put it in her office, but then admitted on TODAY Thursday that it hadn't yet arrived. She also was a little concerned about how she appeared in the clip: "I do think I come off as a little bit creepy!"

Not at all! We fully understand!

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