Ellen DeGeneres reveals the one household item she really, REALLY hates

/ Source: TODAY

In between the laughs on Monday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show," the jovial host made a serious confession about the one thing she just can't stand.

And be warned, you probably have it — maybe even dozens! — in your home right now.

It all came out during an interview with pal Sofia Vergara, who's about to celebrate her second anniversary with husband Joe Manganiello.

That topic took DeGeneres back to 2010 and her own second year with Portia de Rossi — the anniversary traditionally linked to a gift of cotton, which she chose to honor.

But that wasn't easy, since this is what she has a problem with:


Yes, cotton balls. For some reason, she finds them completely disgusting.

"What is wrong with cotton ba-- baahs?" DeGeneres had trouble even getting the words out as she tried to explain it. "When you touch them ..."

At that point, the host momentarily gave up on words and just made a distinctly dissatisfied face.

"I can't," she continued with a shudder. "Especially if you've gone to the dentist and they have to put it in ... Oh! I hate it."

Which is what made her anniversary story all that much sweeter. When the big day came around, she proved her devotion by presenting her wife with the number "2" written in cotton balls on canvas.

"This is how much I love her," she said.

As for cotton balls, she still hates them. And that's not all!

In 2015, DeGeneres briefly mentioned her problem with those fluffy puffs while describing another icky item.

"I hate Styrofoam," she said. "It's not a joke! The word, I'm not going to say it again."

However, she did mumble it one more time to mention, "I don't like to hate anything, but I hate Styrofoam." Then with a quiet gasp, she added, "And I hate cotton balls. Those two things I hate."