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Ellen DeGeneres makes Meghan Trainor cry for the best reason

The Grammy-winning singer is easily moved to tears, but Ellen DeGeneres gave her a very good reason to break out the waterworks.
/ Source: TODAY

Grammy-winning artist Meghan Trainor is the first to admit it: She turns on the waterworks pretty easily.

"I cry a lot," she told Ellen DeGeneres on "Ellen" Wednesday, adding that when she learned she won the Grammy for Best New Artist, that was a cue. "We cried a lot that day!"

But as it turned out, Trainor hadn't yet received her Grammy. "It's not here yet," she admitted on the show. "They're building it, I guess, from scratch. It's not here, but it's coming this month."

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Actually, she was mistaken — because DeGeneres had expedited the process.

"No, it's coming right now because I called my friends at the Recording Academy and you have your Grammy right here," said DeGeneres, and handed Trainor the brand-new trophy.

Meghan Trainor needed some tissues after getting her Grammy from Ellen DeGeneres.ellentube

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Tears alert! "Is this real?" asked Trainor, getting weepy. "This whole interview is ruined!"

We have to disagree with that!

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