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Ellen helps Aubrey Plaza dance like J.Lo — and it's hilarious

Aubrey Plaza is hosting the upcoming Film Independent Spirit Awards, and Ellen suggested she imitate nominee Jennifer Lopez in "Hustlers."
/ Source: TODAY

We've probably all had that moment where we danced in front of our bedroom mirror in an attempt to mimic the moves of our favorite pop diva. Well, Ellen DeGeneres gave Aubrey Plaza an opportunity to channel her inner Jennifer Lopez on national television, and the end result proved to be comedy gold.

On her show Thursday, DeGeneres challenged the "Parks and Recreation" star to re-create J. Lo's infamous scene stealing dance in "Hustlers," a role she is nominated for at this year's Independent Spirit Awards that Plaza is hosting.

"You should do like a pole routine," DeGeneres urged Plaza. "You said you don't mind being humiliated. And I think you would be funny so I got a pole here."

"This is gonna be fun for all of us, " DeGeneres said as she led a very reluctant Plaza to center stage.

Plaza got off to a pretty rough start, trying to twist and turn in a pantsuit and heels. As she hilariously tried to climb, DeGeneres offered some help, while also pointing out, "You're not that good at it."

At one point, Plaza got herself pretty high up, but then had some trouble figuring out how to get back down.

In the end, the segment was pretty funny, and lots of fans have been chiming in on social media to laugh about it.

"This clip made me love both of them," wrote one person on YouTube. "May we all learn to be as fearless in life as them."

Another added, "Aubrey is awkwardly entertaining and I say that in an admiring way. She definitely keeps you watching and wondering what she will do or say next."

One thing is for sure: Plaza may not have great dancing skills, but she without a doubt has a great sense of humor.