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Ellen DeGeneres ends truce with Matt Lauer! The prank war is back on

She's at it again! Last year, Ellen DeGeneres told us she was finished with her prank war with Matt Lauer. But that was then.
/ Source: TODAY

She's at it again! Last year, Ellen DeGeneres told us she was finished with the prank war that had her and Matt Lauer swapping gags that ranged from racy interview edits to one revealing billboard.

But that was then.

"I made a resolution [that] in 2016, I was not going to mess with Matt Lauer anymore," she told her audience on Tuesday's show. "Instead I'll just show you this clip of him interviewing Adele."

We apologize, this video has expired.

Despite that innocent intro, Ellen was back to her old tricks — specifically the digital trickery that makes it look as if Matt has suddenly gotten a bit hands-on in an interview. Or in this case, encouraged Adele to get hands-on.

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Of course, that wasn't exactly how his real conversation with Adele went.

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So the prank war is back on, but will Matt return fire?

"I have no idea," Matt said with a smile after watching the latest gag. "I'm going back to billboards, apparently. I've got to figure something out."

We'll just have to wait and (hopefully) see!

Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer talk prank war, success
Ellen DeGeneres sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer to discuss the 13th season of “The Ellen Show,” her clothing line and ending their much-discussed prank war.TODAY

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