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Ellen DeGeneres draws TODAY's Al Roker into prank war with Matt Lauer

It wasn't enough for the talk show host to go after our main anchor. She's now pulled our beloved weatherman into this endless conflict.
/ Source: TODAY

Ellen DeGeneres is in the mood for war. A prank war, that is.

As you may have noticed over the past few days, she's revived the prank crusade originated in 2015 between herself and TODAY's Matt Lauer — but now she's drawn Al Roker into the conflict.

Earlier this week, Ellen showed a digitally-altered video of Matt on the Met Gala's red carpet — sans pants and shaking his moneymaker for the screen.

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While standing at the White Sands National Monument with Al by his side on Tuesday, Matt noted, "I find this to be a rather disturbing development."

But then Al made his mistake, quipping, "The only thing that could have been worse is if she had 'done' me."

Al! Don't poke the troll!

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Too late: As Ellen revealed on her show Wednesday, the "whole clip" of Roker and Lauer on the sands wasn't shown. So she showed it ... and off came the pants again, from both Matt and Al!

Fans of bare, shapely male gams will undoubtedly be delighted.

It does appear that the prank war (which last time included showing Matt in "Fifty Shades of Grey" outfits and filling DeGeneres' car with pingpong balls) has reignited.

Prank Wars 2016 is in full swing!

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