Ellen DeGeneres' dogs interrupt her morning workout — watch the video

/ Source: TODAY

Ellen DeGeneres' workout has gone to the dogs!

DeGeneres recently took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of her struggling to do stomach crunches while two of her pooches seriously crowd her space.

"Guys, I'm trying to work out," DeGeneres, 58, tells dogs Kid and Auggie as they roughhouse with each other on the mat right next to her.

"#MorningWorkout," she captioned the clip, and something tells us it's not the first time she's had her exercise routine interrupted by the playful canine duo. After all, Kid is still just a puppy.

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DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, announced their adoption of Kid, a mixed-breed dog who was then just 9 weeks old, this past January on "The Ellen Show."

"There's been rumors forever — 'When are you and Portia going to have a kid?' — and, so, now I can say, we have a Kid," DeGeneres told viewers.

Once settled in their home, the precious bundle of fluff exhibited all the usual puppy characteristics — both good and bad.

"(Kid is as) cute as can be, but I'll tell you what's not cute is to wake up at 11 (p.m.), and 1, and 3, and 5," she said. "And then 5 is when he's up, up," said DeGeneres.

The animal-loving couple also have a third dog, Wolf, but apparently he skips the early morning ab work.

Can you blame him? There's no room!