Boo! Eric Stonestreet visits 'Ellen' with bodyguards to avoid prank ... and fails

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By Randee Dawn

Anything can happen on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," but when it comes to the host's notorious pranks, there's at least one inviolable rule: Do not attempt to thwart her! You will not succeed. 

The rule was in full effect Wednesday, when "Modern Family" star Stonestreet attempted to avoid getting yet another "gotcha!" played on him during his interview with DeGeneres.

See, Stonestreet has been one of her regular targets for years. During many of his visits DeGeneres has had all kinds of costumed folks (from clowns to dogs to a mummy in a haunted house) sneak up behind him, then reach out for a quick grab. And Stonestreet's the best recipient for this sort of treatment: Every time, he leaps up in surprise and dismay. Cue the laughs!

This time around, despite his preparation with two burly bestie bodyguards hanging out backstage to look for suspiciously-costumed individuals, Ellen still managed to get him. Let's say it took some "out of the box" thinking. 

Check out the video to find out how she did it!

As for Stonestreet, we hope he's joking about Wednesday being his "10th and final" visit. Ellen's pranks rule!

Hey+folks.+Make+sure+to+watch+my+10th+and+final+appearance+on+the+@TheEllenShow+Wednesday.+ #imdone+#weRdone+#itsover+#seeya✋@andylassner


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