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Ellen, Bradley Cooper take on 'Nugget Boy' over Twitter record

One teen's Twitter plea for a year's supply of Wendy's chicken nuggets might break Ellen DeGeneres' retweet record — so she's enlisted Bradley Cooper (and all of you) for help.
/ Source: TODAY

We all think of Ellen DeGeneres as a sweet presence on our television sets. But when threatened, definitely gets her feathers ruffled.

That's what happened earlier this week, when a 16-year-old's attempt to win a year's worth of Wendy's chicken nuggets went viral — and potentially put DeGeneres' classic Oscar night selfie record in danger of losing its crown.

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"If you think I'm going to lose that record to some chicken nugget kid, you are out of your cluckin' mind," DeGeneres told her audience on Friday's show.

As you may remember, teenager Carter Wilkerson recently asked Wendy's via tweet how many retweets he'd have to get to earn a year's supply of their chicken nuggets. The reply: "18 million."

Game on!

But DeGeneres, who coordinated and starred in this classic photo while hosting the Oscars in 2014 (in which Bradley Cooper can be seen front and center, along with other amazing luminaries), learned that in order to get his nuggets Wilkerson would have to endanger her world record for retweets (she's got 3.3 million and counting; as of now Wilkerson has 2.8 million), she took action.

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Hilarious action. Complete with the NBC's "The More You Know" PSA introduction and Cooper himself.

"We earned this title and we are not going to lose it now," Cooper said in the special taped plea for assistance.

But DeGeneres is not interested in being the perpetrator of fowl play. Instead, she asked that people who retweet "nugget kid" to also retweet her selfie.

Wendy's has also stayed in the game by announcing that if Wilkerson's tweet beats DeGeneres' record, they'll offer a donation to charity:

So everybody, get retweeting!

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