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Elle defends photos of lingerie-clad 'Skins' cast


Controversy surrounds MTV’s “Skins” once again after the cast from the no-holds-barred teen drama stripped down to lacy lingerie for a photo shoot in Elle magazine.

The Parents Television Council, which first took issue with the sex-drugs-and-anything-goes content on “Skins” following its premiere episode, spoke out about the racy photos.

“We have some concerns about it,” the PTC’s director of comunications, Melissa Henson, told Entertainment Weekly. “We had concerns about the GQ photo shoot of ‘Glee,’ even though (that cast) was over the age of 19, because they were presenting themselves as high schoolers. With this, even though the poses are less provocative, the fact that they have these underage girls wearing lingerie is troubling. It does contribute to the problem we’re seeing increasingly, sexualizing young girls…. These are clearly very talented and capable actresses, but the purpose of that photo shoot and having them pose in lingerie isn’t to highlight their acting ability. It’s to highlight their attractiveness.”

Elle’s editor-in-chief stands by the images and the creative director behind them. According to Robbie Myers, the photos are simply about fashion.

“Innerwear as outerwear has been a trend for decades, and Joe Zee’s point was to make what the actors wear on their show more fashion, less vulgar,” Myers said. “The content of 'Skins' is infinitely more racy than anything we’d have them do. And we had the blessing of their parents: they were at the shoot.”