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Eek! Watch Ellen prank Chris Hemsworth with a giant 'mouse'

Ellen DeGeneres is known for scaring the life out of selected guests on her show, and the man known for playing "Thor" is no exception.
/ Source: TODAY

Chris Hemsworth may be known for playing the mighty Norse god Thor, but that doesn't mean he can't get scared out of his wits.

Particularly if Ellen DeGeneres has anything to say about it.

The host of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is known for her loose-lidded setside furniture, which has many times exploded open to terrify guests including Sarah Paulson, Eric Stonestreet (who got sweet revenge) and Sterling K. Brown. In fact, we're surprised anyone still flinches, the gag gets used so often.

But in the case of Hemsworth, it totally worked!

The "Avengers: Endgame" actor talked to DeGeneres about meeting quokkas in Tasmania, Australia, recently, then said his whole family loves pets. "We have three donkeys, a dog, a number of fish, a water dragon, three guinea pigs, three rabbits — four rabbits actually — two chickens and three — whatever you call it — my kids, they're definitely from the animal kingdom," he said.

Then she asked him if any animals or specific things frightened him.

"Vending machines?" he joked. "Talk shows?"

Just then, a man dressed as a giant mouse burst from the side table next to Hemsworth, who cringed mightily.

"That was awful!" said Hemsworth afterward.

"You almost punched it!" DeGeneres declared.

Chris Hemsworth
If only Chris Hemsworth (here, as Thor) had brought his hammer.Courtesy Everett Collection

"I did not almost punch it!" he cried. "I went straight to retreat."

Well, at least he wasn't Thor about it.