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Ed Sheeran reveals he doesn't feel accepted in the pop music world

Sheeran has been releasing hit albums for the last 10 years but he says he doesn't feel his success is welcomed by his peers.
Sheeran is a top-selling musical artist and recently released "=," his fifth studio album.Yui Mok / AFP via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

In a recent interview on the radio show "The Breakfast Club," singer Ed Sheeran revealed that he hasn't felt welcomed within the very industry he's a part of.

“I've never felt accepted by my scene,” the pop star said about his experience. The "Shivers" singer went on to say he often only feels accepted by other musicians outside his genre, including those within the U.K. rap and grime scenes in particular.

“I'm not accepted by my genre. ... My peers largely, I feel, in the pop scene often don't want me to succeed,” Sheeran added.

Since releasing his latest album "=," in late October, Sheeran pointed out that only artists in the hip-hop scene, including Dave and Stormzy, reached out to congratulate him and tell him they liked the album.

Dave, a popular British rapper has gained acclaim for his socially conscious lyricism, and Stormzy is well known in the U.K. underground music scene.

The singer likened himself to drummer and singer Phil Collins, 70, who he feels had a similar experience in the 1980s and '90s as a pop star who was widely accepted by hip-hop artists.

“The reason I give the Phil Collins analogy is that he's largely in the pop sphere, in the '80s and '90s, was considered quite uncool, but then the hip-hop scene love Phil Collins,” Sheeran said.

Sheeran's global success as a singer took off in 2011 after he released his first album," +," and his single "The A Team," grew from being a huge hit in the U.K. to an international hit. Before reaching fame in his solo career, Sheeran also built a name for himself as a songwriter of popular hits, like One Direction's 2012 single "Little Things."

Last week, Sheeran joined TODAY from London and revealed that his new "=" album reflected a lot of his recent life experiences, including his marriage, experience with fatherhood, and the death of a friend.

“I went into my 20s as a touring musician and I just toured the world and partied and whatever. And then I stopped touring, got married, had a kid, then my friend passed away and I turned 30,” Sheeran said of his inspiration behind the album. “And all of these things led me to sort of be an adult for the first time and that's what I feel like the album's about.”

The album has become a bona fide success and has since become Sheeran's fourth No. 1 record on the Billboard 200 chart.