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Early video of Susan Boyle singing emerges

Britain’s The Daily Mirror found a two decades-old video of the singer serenading her family in a pub.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It’s been a big week for Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle. She got a makeover, admitted she has actually been kissed, and she tackled several new interviews across the globe. But it was also a time for her fans to look back.

On Friday morning, Britain’s The Daily Mirror, published a video they obtained of the “Britain’s Got Talent” breakout star, singing over two decades ago in a pub.

To watch Boyle’s two decades-old performance, click here.

The clip, filmed at a golden wedding party for Boyle’s beloved parents — Patrick and Bridget — shows a short-haired Susan in a wide collared-dress, emotionally singing for the room.

Boyle appeared as shy as she came across in promo spots for “Britain’s Got Talent,” and it appears she was shy while singing to her family as well.

In the clip, Boyle kept her arms folded across her chest, while one hand rested on her face. Still, her stance did nothing to detract from the beauty of her voice.

“It was a very emotional night. It goes quiet when Susan sings, it always does,” Susan’s brother Gerry said, recalling the evening, 23 years ago. “She always has that effect.”