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A&E throws out 'Hoarders' after six seasons

A&E's "Hoarders."

After six seasons and 82 episodes, A&E is putting "Hoarders" out on the curb. 

A spokesperson for the network confirmed to TODAY that the docuseries has been canceled. While the news is no doubt disappointing to fans who've followed the show that was at times equal parts revolting and inspiring — as well as heartbreaking and uplifting — it may not come as a shock to them.

In February, just moments before what proved to be the final season wrapped, "Hoarders" organizing expert Matt Paxton told his Facebook followers that the end could be nigh.

"We have not been picked up for a 7th season," he wrote. "So this could very well be the LAST episode of HOARDERS - EVER!"

And so it was.

When "Hoarders" first premiered in 2009, it exposed a serious problem that many dealt with, but many more were simply unaware existed. That's to be expected. As the many hoarding experts and psychologists who appeared on the show explained over the years, it's not unusual for hoarders to remain completely private, hiding the towering stacks of collectables, the accumulation of trash and the resulting insect and rat infestations away from even their closest loved ones.

The fact that "Hoarders" was able to convince those same subjects to expose their situation on national television, and take enormous steps to overcome it, is part of what made the show remarkable.

For those who'll miss "Hoarders," there may still be hope when it comes to seeing similar personal stories on the small-screen. TLC's "Hoarding: Buried Alive" also looks into the lives of those overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos of their own environment. "Buried Alive's" fifth season wrapped earlier this year. There's no word yet on whether or not TLC plans to bring the series back for a sixth season.