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Dylan Dreyer's brother surprised her on TODAY — see the sweet reunion

He stuck around to dish on what it was like to grow up with his little sister.
/ Source: TODAY

The family surprises keep coming for Dylan Dreyer!

Dylan’s brother James stopped in during the 3rd hour of TODAY on Wednesday in honor of National Siblings Day.

Of course, Dylan had no idea her brother was going to drop in and it was all the more of a shock because she had flown out to Oregon back in February to surprise him and his family on vacation.

During the segment, the TODAY anchors were supposed to talk about their favorite burger recipe, but before they could get started, Dylan was thrown a curveball when James came walked on the set.

The siblings shared a huge hug and almost instantly Dylan started crying.

"I can't believe you're here," she said. Even Sheinelle Jones was tearing up at the reunion.

Dylan Dreyer and her brother
Dylan's brother James got to be part of the TODAY family!Nathan Congleton/TODAY

The shock was still fresh as the pair whipped up their father’s famous burger.

“Oh, this is so exciting. I’m so happy!” Dylan, who has another brother, Mike, exclaimed.

After that segment, James, stuck around to talk about what his little sister was like as a kid.

“She was the baby, so everything my brother and I got she always had to have,” he said when asked what she was like growing up, recounting the story how she had to get her own Game Boy when he and Mike got one.

James said the family is amazed at all Dylan has accomplished.

“We’re always in awe. We’re so proud of her. We’re always like, ‘Oh my gosh. Do you ever get used to it, you know, being on the camera and everything?’”

“Every time we visit, we always ask her so many questions. 'Where you going next?' 'How was it when you went to the Olympics?' That was so awesome to hear about those stories, but very proud. So proud.”