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Double the Dylan? TODAY's Dylan Dreyer meets her doppelgänger

The TODAY meteorologist meets her "twin" to kick off National Doppelgänger Week.
/ Source: TODAY

Do not adjust your screen — Dylan Dreyer has not magically doubled on television!

To kick off National Doppelgänger Week, TODAY had Dylan literally look into a mirror to reveal her exact look-alike: Christina Brooks, a mother of two from South Carolina.

A shocked Christina Brooks reacts to seeing her "twin" Dylan Dreyer in person!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Christina received a warm embrace from a completely shocked Dylan, who immediately acknowledged it would be hard for anyone to tell them apart.

“This is so funny! Look! We can turn around, and you don't even know the difference,” she said.

Dylan and her doppelganger could not look more alike!TODAY

It was also a bit weird for Dylan’s colleagues.

"Which is Dylan?" Al Roker joked (we think).

Sheinelle Jones, meanwhile, told Brooks: “I can’t stop staring at you!"

"This is so funny!" exclaimed Dylan Dreyer after meeting her doppelganger.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Brooks said people started commenting about her resemblance to the TODAY meteorologist as soon as Dylan began appearing on TODAY years ago. And she definitely considers the comparison a compliment!

“Absolutely. I’m honored when people say it,” she said.

Both women wear their dark blonde hair in a chin-length bob, although Brooks said she recently got hers cut.

“Just so you know, we look great with our hair grown out,” she said, noting that her hair had reached just below her shoulders. “I recently trimmed it just to come see you.”

For the record, Dylan is on the right!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

And for the record, Brooks made it clear that Dylan looks like her and not the other way around.

“I’ve had this haircut for a very long time — before you had it,” Brooks teased.

“I am a few years older than you so, yes, you have my face!”

Dylan agreed.

"So I look like her!"