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Dylan Dreyer brought to tears by surprise visit from family on TODAY

Dylan's husband, Brian, and her 2-year-old son, Calvin, gave her one last sweet surprise baby shower on TODAY to end the week.
/ Source: TODAY

Dylan Dreyer's TODAY family had one more surprise baby shower for her up their sleeve, so they brought in the most special guests of all.

The meteorologist was dabbing tears on the 3rd hour of TODAY Friday when her husband, Brian Fichera, and son Calvin, 2, paid her a surprise visit to celebrate the impending birth of her second child.

Dylan was overwhelmed by the sweet surprise baby shower from her son, Calvin, 2, and husband Brian Fichera, on TODAY. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Fichera and Calvin came out with adorable umbrellas and T-shirts that read "Son worshipper." They also had a special baby onesie with "On Cloud Nine" on the front.

"This is so sweet!" Dylan said. "I'm so overwhelmed."

The adorable moment with her family came three days after her co-workers surprised her with a baby shower at the Fishbowl game room at New York’s Dream Midtown hotel on Tuesday.

A big hug from Calvin was just part of Friday's festivities, as Dylan also watched as her parents and siblings shared their excitement about baby No. 2 in a video message.

"It's funny because my family is all kind of the same, we're all just very shy, so to see them all do something like that, it's just crazy,'' she said. "That is just so sweet."

Her fellow co-anchors also gifted her with a treasure trove of children's books for Calvin and the new baby. Then they enjoyed some champagne (and apple juice for Calvin) to toast Dylan, who said her due date has been moved up to Jan. 8 for her second baby boy.

They also shared some cake, which Calvin mistakenly thought was for his birthday. He doesn't have to wait too much longer for the real thing, as he will turn 3 on Dec. 17.

Dylan and her husband first announced the great news about her pregnancy in July after opening up in April about their struggles with secondary infertility and a miscarriage.

She recently spoke about giving thanks for a second child after all the obstacles she and her husband endured.

"I feel so grateful because I know it was so much harder this time around,” she said in an interview with People. “We weren’t sure we were going to get pregnant or what sort of IVF treatments we’d have to go through to be able to have this baby.

"So every night I pray and thank God for putting us in this situation and giving us this opportunity and not having to struggle any longer than we did."