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'DWTS' and 'X Factor' feuding? Blame David Arquette

As if there weren’t enough “Dancing With the Stars” fights to keep track of already (Len vs. Maks, Maks vs. Derek, and so on), the entire show is now half of yet another feud. And according to hoofer hopeful David Arquette, it’s all his fault.

During a Wednesday night appearance on “Chelsea Lately,” Arquette explained that there’s bad blood brewing between “Dancing” and “X Factor” all because of which bathroom he used.

“Well, I took a ---- in Simon Cowell’s bathroom, and then everybody got all up in arms. C’mon!” said Arquette, who then added, hopefully in jest, “I took it on top of the toilet, so I probably should have ... I don’t know. Like I said, I like to have fun.”

On Wednesday, TMZ first revealed that a bathroom turf war was underway at the studio that houses both shows.

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