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'DWTS' favorite Martinez gives dance lessons for Veterans Day

“Dancing With the Stars” leader board topper J.R. Martinez is sold on the power of dance, and now that the war-hero-turned actor has discovered how much music and movement mean to him, he wants to bring the ballroom to other servicemen and women this Veterans Day.

Martinez recently took time out from his “Dancing” rehearsals to do just that.

“(My "Dancing" partner and I) actually talked about how we think this is something that will be very therapeutic for a lot of troops and a lot of families,” Martinez told “Entertainment Tonight” as he took a break from teaching other vets some fancy footwork.  “You know, it would be one way that they, together, can kind of do something brand new.”

Martinez’s hoofer partner, Karina Smirnoff, agrees.

“It’s fun. It takes your mind off of everything else,” she said. “You’re doing something as a team, too. So it brings people closer together.”

Sharing moves with those in uniform isn’t the only way “Dancing’s” first perfect scorer of the season supports the troops. He believes by performing on the ballroom bash every week and telling his story, he’s able share a more important message.

“It means a lot, the fact that I get to use this platform to help tell the stories of troops and their families and what they face day in and day out -- not only when they’re deployed, but when they come back home and the difficulties that they face,” he explained. “We had an amazing opportunity in week three to, you know, pay tribute with our rumba -- the dance that we did to the fallen and to military families. It was very well-received. It was an honor for the both of us to have that opportunity to do that and tell that story on the show.”

For those who missed that moving performance, see the clip below.

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