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Dwayne Johnson surprises Hollywood sightseers in his neighborhood

See what happens when the beloved star asks, “Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?”
/ Source: TODAY

As anyone who’s ever visited Los Angeles and gone on one of the many celebrity homes tours can tell you, the experience can best be summed up as a guided look at the high hedges and ornate gates of the stars.

But that wasn’t the case over the weekend, when one tour bus full of fans pulled up near Dwayne Johnson’s home.

“This is kind of funny,” the “Jungle Cruise” star says in a clip he filmed from his car and later shared on Instagram. “There’s a tour bus here that always tours through my neighborhood.”

So he decides to pull up next to the open-top bus, with his window down and his playful personality turned all the way up.

“Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?” he asks.

In an instant, the faces of the tourists transform from mild interest to absolute disbelief. There are screams of delight, dropped jaws and rapid phone-grabbing to capture the moment.

“Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?”therock / Instagram

“How you guys doing?” the 49-year-old actor says with a chuckle. And when he notices some members of the group are still scrambling for their phones, he politely adds, “I’ll wait, don’t worry.”

After giving the excited group a few moments for photos or videos of their own, Johnson simply says, “You guys have a good trip. Thank you. Love you, too.” Then he goes on his way.

The fans clearly had the tour bus experience of a lifetime, and The Rock? He had a good time, too.

“That was fun,” he says as he pulls away. “A good way to start off my Saturday.”

But evidently, it’s not a rare way for him to spend his time. In the caption that accompanied the clip, Johnson said he loves “surprising the heck outta people!!!” and he referred to making people happy with such surprises as “one of the cool parts of fame & my job.”