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'Duck Dynasty's' Si scares up 'man-eating mutant beaver' getup for Halloween

Think beavers aren't scary? "It ain't about the costume," according to "Duck Dynasty's" Si Robertson.

While most of "Duck Dynasty's" Robertson family were decked out in the typical zombie duds and blood-stained apparel that Halloween's known for, Uncle Si went in a different direction on Wednesday night's season finale when he dressed up as a beaver.

"Look, it ain't about the costume," Si insisted. "It's about the attitude."

And Si was a beaver with big attitude.

"You're telling me that if you saw a beaver the size of a man, that that would not scare you?" he said looking straight into the camera. "Buck teeth the size of your head? One chomp, he'd bite your right arm off."

But when Willie, who dressed as Freddy Krueger, failed to see the sinister side of Si's creature feature, what with it lacking any blood, Si warned him to be patient.

"That'll come later when I eat a kid," he smiled.

He didn't actually do that, but he sure threatened to. When Duck Commander's haunted house kicked off, Willie could be seen jumping from the swamp with a warning: "I'm a man-eating mutant beaver, and I love little children the best!"

Check out his beaver bravado in the episode. (Skip ahead to the 14:40 mark for that. And if you want to see his "Thriller" dance — and trust us, you do — jump to the 13:30 mark.)

With that, the fourth season of "Duck Dynasty" is officially over. But that doesn't mean the Robertson clan has put their holiday spirit to rest. Two days before Halloween, they'll swap their spooky outfits for Santa hats, as they release their first album, "Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas."