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'Duck Dynasty's' men won't part ways with their whiskers

The beards aren't going anywhere! The hirsute gang from "Duck Dynasty" have no plans to change their look anytime soon, because as it turns out, those bushy beards are more than just down-home fashion statements.

"You have to remember something — you came out of your mother's womb and reached a certain majority of years and that hair started coming forth from your face," Robertson family patriarch Phil explained during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY. "Not so much with women, but men, hair grows out of their face. So we usually remind people that the only two people who do not have whiskers are women and children, and we are neither of those."

The beard is just fine with Phil's wife, Kay. Even though she admitted she hasn't "seen his face in 30 years," she's learned to love whiskers.

In fact, Kay's so happy with Phil, she recently agreed to walk down the aisle with him one more time for their 49th wedding anniversary, and fans will get a chance to see the big event on the show's season four premiere.

"This wedding costs way more than the original wedding with Miss Kay and I," Phil said of the romantic redo. "It was $25 bucks on the first go around. Fifty years later, to kind of replay that, it was … uh … hold on to your pocketbook."

Of course the Robertson gang doesn't have to worry about pinching pennies these days. "Duck Dynasty" is a huge success. Or as Willie, CEO of the family duck call company, put it, "Business is good."

Almost 10 million viewers tuned in to last season's finale of the scripted reality TV hit — which, as it turns out, isn't very scripted at all.

"Most of the time, we ad lib because think about it, someone in LA is fixing to put words into our mouths?" Phil said, scoffing at the idea.

Besides, at least one of them doesn't pay much attention to the script anyway.

"I'm a director's worst nightmare," said Phil's brother and fan favorite, Si. "They give you the script — I don't read no script, OK? And don't let me get bored, 'cause then I'll just go crazy."

See what Si and the rest of the bearded bunch get up to on the new season of "Duck Dynasty." The premiere episode, entitled "Till Duck Do We Part," airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on A&E.