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'Duck Dynasty' big reveal: Phil thought show was a bad idea

The "Duck Dynasty" gang broke ratings records when nearly 12 million tuned in to the season four premiere of their show, they have multiple books in the works, and in just two months, they'll release their first Christmas record ("Duck the Halls"). In other words, they found big fame thanks to their reality TV hit.

But if it had been up to just one member of the family, they would have never found that fame at all.

Stars Willie, Jep and Si Robertson stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Monday and shared which Robertson didn't have faith in their future.

"We always thought there may be something there," Willie said of the enthusiasm he and his brothers had about the family business making it on the boob tube one day. "We just got an email out of the blue that said, 'Hey, I think you guys may have a big show." So I went to talk to dad. I said, 'Dad, we could do a big show on a network.'"

To which patriarch Phil responded, "Nah. That won't work."

Of course, it did work out — a point Willie never lets his dad forget.

"I remind him of that every week," he said with a laugh.

But if anyone deserves credit for the show's success, it's Uncle Si — at least according to Uncle Si.

After all, the show is about the family's duck-call business, and duck calls need reeds to work. No reeds, no calls, no show. And Si? He's the reed man.

"I'm the most important part of this whole thing!" he insisted.

Si proved how important he is elsewhere in New York on Monday when he and his nephews sat in the front row at the Sherri Hill Fashion Week runway show.

From left, Jep, wife Jessica, and Si Robertson check out a duck-free runway.

The show also featured another Roberston, Si's model niece Sadie. 

See more from the whole family when "Duck Dynasty" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on A&E.