Drunk Danes unnerve J.Lo

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/ Source: msnbc.com
By By Jeannette Walls

J. Lo lost her cool in Sweden.

The singer was in Stockholm earlier this week where she was performing some songs from her forthcoming CD for about 100 VIPs, a source tells The Scoop.

“She was explaining how each song came about while the guests ate filet mignon, seafood and drank champagne,” the insider says. “But she kept getting interrupted by drunk people.”

Apparently, three particularly drunk Danish invitees were especially problematic. The source says that after two songs, Lopez left the stage and talked to one member of her entourage, who asked the party organizers to stop serving alcohol. “They asked the Danes several times to be quiet but they didn’t listen. J. Lo was expected to stay at least an hour after they played the songs, but she ran out of the place as soon as she was done.”

The source also says that Lopez’s hubby, Marc Anthony, accompanied J. Lo to Sweden. “I’d heard reports about how they sort of keep their distance in the public when they’re in the U.S. together, but they were all over each other,” says the source. “They looked smitten and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

J. Lo’s rep denies there were any problems, saying, “After hearing the tracks, those in attendance were very vocal about their wish for a first or second single, but aside from that things went smoothly.”

Weighty matter

** FILE ** Actor George Clooney arrives to the premiere of the film "Intolerable Cruelty" at The Academy Theatre, in this Sept. 30, 2003, in Beverly Hills, Calif. Clooney is suffering from a ruptured disk that kept him promoting his new film, "Ocean's Twelve," this week. (AP Photo/ Paul Skipper, File)Paul Skipper / ARROYO

Don’t expect to see George Clooney packing on the pounds again.

The hunky actor became chunky for his latest film, “Syriana,” gaining thirty pounds and growing a beard.

He hated it. And he’s still trying to lose the weight.

“It was good for that film and I’m glad I did it but I’d never do it again,” the actor said, reports the London Mirror. “I’m still in the process of losing the last few pounds. It’s hard to do, and it’s hard on your system.”

Notes from all over

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 12: Caroline Kennedy talks with the media prior to a media preview for the exhibition, Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years - Selections from the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum at the Field Museum November 12, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois. The exhibition features 70 dresses, suits and gowns worn by the former first lady, as well as photos, videos, handwritten notes and other memorabilia of that era. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Caroline KennedyTim Boyle / Getty Images North America

Some Kennedy fans are startled by the tag sale quality of some of the items Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is having auctioned by Sotheby’s in February. “It’s basically junk,” notes one. “Stuff includes things like four folding canvas beach chairs and a plastic picnic table ($100-$200 estimate), a red wool flannel blanket with JFK monogram (showing “spots and wear”), estimate ($250-$350). Jeez. Why not just donate it to charity?”  . . .  “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” author Toby Young is counting on the friends he hasn’t lost. The author — who is starring in a London production of his book — has sent out a mass e-mail pleading with friends to attend the play for free on a certain night. “It’s going to be filmed that evening and the larger and more sympathetic the audience, the better, from my point of view,” Young writes.  . . . When Brad Pitt asked his “Ocean’s Twelve” co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones what he should give wife Jennifer Aniston for their anniversary, she told him to get her a ruby. “Don’t girls ever get bored with jewels?” Zeta-Jones says he asked, to which she replied, “No.” Zeta-Jones explained: “Call me old-fashioned but nothing says ‘I love you’ like a big, old rock.”

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