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Drew Barrymore's daughter made a friend at the park. It was Harper Beckham

The two moms tearfully bonded over the moment during a recent episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

Drew Barrymore shared her connection to Victoria Beckham on an episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show."

The host and actor explained that she and her daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, were in London filming her last movie. While there, Barrymore's daughter (she didn't specify which) made a friend at a park.

"We didn't know anybody there. I was so excited that she made a friend," Barrymore said. "I was like 'Oh, thank God,' you know. 'You made a friend here this is wonderful news."

Little did Barrymore know, her daughter’s new friend was Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper.

Barrymore recounted the story alongside guest Beckham on the Oct. 28 episode of her show.

“I have to say that Harper’s always loved playing with your girls because they’re such adorable little girls,” Beckham said. “And Harper has really enjoyed getting to know your girls.”

Harper, 11, is Beckham's only daughter. She and her husband, soccer superstar David Beckham, also share three boys Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 20, and Cruz, 17.

In September Barrymore celebrated her older daughter Olive's 10th birthday. "Today you are double digits. Today we get your ears pierced. Today is the start of many things," Barrymore wrote on Instagram alongside a baby picture of Olive.

Barrymore has previously spoken about keeping her daughters Olive and Frankie out of the spotlight.

“Because of my life experiences, I’m not selling my brand on my kids. I won’t do it. But to ignore that part of my life would make me an automaton. So it’s really inventive to figure out how to bring them into the omelet and fold it in, in a way that feels appropriate for me,” she told People.