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Watch Drew Barrymore surprise Kathie Lee Gifford with visit from daughter Cassidy

It was a daytime TV reunion that absolutely delighted Gifford!
/ Source: TODAY

Kathie Lee Gifford was a guest on Thursday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” but daughter Cassidy is the one who stole the show.

Kathie Lee was talking about how son Cody married Erika Brown and daughter Cassidy tied the knot with Ben Wierda in separate intimate ceremonies this year. Both children were supposed to have larger affairs but ended up with smaller nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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“It turned out to be such a blessing, Drew, because it got down to exactly what a wedding should be about,” a grateful Kathie Lee said to Barrymore.

“It’s not about how many people you have, how much it costs, how much your dress was," she continued. "Literally, it’s one day in your life, but Cass and Ben said to me, ‘Mom, we want to be married.’”

Barrymore then said she had a guest who wanted to ask Kathie Lee a question.

“What advice would you give your 27-year-old self?” Cassidy, 27, asked via video chat, spurring Kathie Lee to flash a huge smile when she realized who was speaking.

“Do everything your mother tells you to do and you’ll live a fabulous life, and you’ll marry the man of your dreams and become an Oscar-winning actress. Do what I did,” Kathie Lee joked in response.

“Oh, you little peanut, Cass, how are you? I love you, stink pie,” she said after Barrymore officially introduced Cassidy to viewers.

Barrymore, a mother of two daughters herself, gushed over how Cassidy had a “beautiful, perfectly toned, intimate, gorgeous wedding” during the uncertainty that 2020 has presented to so many people.

“I just feel like your story really resonates with people,” Barrymore said.

“Truly, it probably sounds like I’m full of it, but I would not trade a single thing," Cassidy replied. "It was about what it was supposed to be about, and we’re just kind of in bliss about it all, so it’s been wonderful.”