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Drew Barrymore shares why she feels grateful despite single status

Barrymore took to Instagram to share an uplifting message about love with her followers.
/ Source: TODAY

Drew Barrymore may be single, but she's not feeling sorry for herself.

Inspired by a friend's thoughtful gesture, the actress took to Instagram to reflect on the love she has for her children, her pals — and herself.

Barrymore, 43, posted a pic of rainbow hearts on her trailer mirror, left by model Joy Seaboch on Valentine's Day, that featured uplifting messages. (Note that there's profanity in the photo.)

"Hey D.B. You are f------ amazing and a total babe (duh). Don’t doubt this for even a second today!" Seaboch wrote.

Barrymore acknowledged in the caption that she was "not totally sure what Valentine's Day is supposed to feel like," but that the display answered the question for her.

"I love my friends," she wrote. "I love my children first of course, but this day is just about love period.

"And if you don’t have it with a romantic partner (I’m single and have not been able to successfully date for almost four years so what do I know you ask?) I believe with all my heart in the human heart," she continued.

Barrymore, whose marriage to ex-husband Will Kopelman ended in 2016, wrote that while there are good days and bad days, she has the "constant love" of her kids and friends — "a type of love that does not require a romantic partnership and navigation."

When it comes to her time off from relationships, Barrymore prefers to maintain a positive outlook.

"I have fought my way to a deeper happiness on my own, and I love being independent!" she gushed. "It just rules."

She concluded her post by assuring her followers that she wouldn't be feeling down during the day, and said they shouldn't be upset either, no matter their relationship status.

"I am also lucky enough to have two young amazing kids and a full time job, and rad friends," she said. "So I’m not sitting around bummed out. I feel stupid grateful. But I’m still a romantic at heart. As for today, don’t waste the day being sad about what you don’t have! Be happy about what you do have. It’s there. I promise."