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Drew Barrymore reveals movie line that 'comes out almost every day' when raising kids

Barrymore caught up with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie for "Six-Minute Marathon."
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie has questions, and Drew Barrymore has answers!

Savannah recently sat down with Barrymore for another installment of her "Six-Minute Marathon" and fired off tons of great questions for the host of "The Drew Barrymore Show" — and Barrymore lobbed 'em right back. And in very short order, we learned some key facts about the actor, 45, including that she has very few fashion regrets, uses a beloved movie line on her kids and has some very devoted fans.

Savannah Guthrie and Drew Barrymore.
Savannah Guthrie and Drew Barrymore.TODAY

In fact, her fans opened a "Drewseum," as she explained to Savannah. "These really nice women ... they opened the Drewseum, which is like a Drew Museum. It's weird that they would ever be interested to do so, but I love them, so I'll promote the Drewseum."

Savannah then wondered if there was a line from one of Barrymore's movies that people regularly quoted at her. And the answer is yes, and no: Barrymorenoted the line was from her 1998 movie "Ever After," but wasn't hers at all ... and she quotes it to people!

EVER AFTER, Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Megan Dodds, 1998, TM & copyright (c) 20th Century Fox
Drew Barrymore (r.) with Anjelica Huston and Megan Dodds in "Ever After."(C)20thCentFox / Courtesy Everett Collection

"Anjelica Huston ... she's like, 'After all that I've done and after all I do, it is never enough,'" said Drew, laughing. "Boy, when you're raising kids, that comes out almost every day."

"Words to live by," agreed Savannah.

Drew Barrymore wishes she could read faster, so she could read more!
Drew Barrymore wishes she could read faster, so she could read more!drewbarrymore/Instagram

They also talked about the last photo Barrymore took on her phone, what movie she'd watch for the rest of her life (1977's "Annie Hall"), her favorite role ("this one!" she said, referring to her TV hosting gig, adding she also loved "kicking butt" in 2000's "Charlie's Angels"), her most-desired superpower (to read faster) and what it was like to get "debaucherous" at a Bonnaroo concert.

But we really loved what she had to say about her various fashion choices over the years. Namely, no regrets!

When Savannah wondered if there was a fashion trend she ever regretted, Barrymore was positive: "None. When it comes to clothes, I feel super confident. There are no mistakes to be made."

The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show
Drew Barrymore at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles in 2006.Paul Drinkwater / NBC

Well, maybe she had just one regret. "I did wear one Gucci dress that made my boobs look like ski floats," she acknowledged. "Never wear a high collar with a high belt. It accentuates this area (she gestured at her torso) in ways I had no idea."

Check out the rest of the video for more fun!

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