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Drew Barrymore’s house goes viral for being ‘normal’

"Thank you for your authenticity."

Is Drew Barrymore's house too normal for a Hollywood star?

For the past few months, fans have been spotting the simplicity of Barrymore's living space, most recently through a TikTok video she posted about how much she enjoys being home.

"I love staying in," she captioned the post, showing multiple clips of her cooking, eating, dressing up and resting. By doing so, she showed fans a glimpse of her residence. The host of "The Drew Barrymore Show" lives between New York City and the Hamptons, she told the L.A. Times.

“I love that your house looks like a home and not just a show piece,” one TikTok user commented.

"You give off the vibes of you just bought your apartment and are staying there," one wrote.

Another asked, “Is it possible that you live in a normal house?!”

The size of her kitchen caught peoples' eyes. Knowing the popularity Barrymore has, they expected a larger cooking space.

“I know your kitchen is not that small,” one fan commented.

The talk about her seemingly modest home sparked in January, when Barrymore posted a video of herself on Instagram watching "The Wedding Singer," the 1998 movie she starred in with Adam Sandler.

Watching the film made her emotional and she shared a sweet note for Sandler. "I love you so much @adamsandler. The Wedding Singer came on my TV as I was getting ready to leave the house and I had to take in this moment and watch it," she wrote in the caption.

But her getting emotional wasn't the only thing fans pointed out in the comments.

Fans commented about how they "love how modest her house is" and they love that her apartment is "so casual."

"I was expecting a big huge mansion but this is so much better," one person commented.

They focused especially on the TV size.

“Girl why is your tv so small,” one person commented.

"Next time someone makes fun of my small tv ill just say its the drew barrymore aesthetic," one X user posted.

After a February 2023 video, her apartment's simplicity wasn't called out — the messiness was. She posted a video on Instagram showing her bedroom before she cleaned it.

"Show me your room before and after you clean it," she wrote in the caption.

The "before" clips got fans talking, and many appreciated her room looking so much like theirs.

“If Queen Drew’s room can look like this sometimes, then it’s okay if mine does too. Thank you for your authenticity,” one person commented.

"You have no idea how much better it makes me feel. My bedroom is my little nest and soft office. Piles, projects, and important clutter," another wrote.