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Drew Barrymore breaks down in tears when Letterman surprises her for her birthday

"I'm so grateful that you came here," Barrymore told the late-night legend.
/ Source: TODAY

Drew Barrymore and David Letterman sure do love surprising each other on their birthdays.

Nearly 26 years after Barrymore flashed Letterman during a special birthday episode of "The Late Show," the late-night legend popped in on Barrymore to return the favor — well, in a manner of speaking.

Letterman is just one of many guests on a special episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show" airing Monday on Barrymore's 46th birthday.

In a special preview clip released Friday, Letterman appears to be Zooming in to greet the host, who sits chatting with TODAY's own Savannah Guthrie.

"I'm not a cat," Letterman quips before fussing about how hard it is to hear the women over a lousy connection. Before long, the seemingly frustrated star abruptly leaves the screen.

A few beats later, Letterman walks out from backstage to wish a shocked Barrymore a happy birthday in person.

"You look wonderful!" Letterman tells his old pal.

After bursting into tears, Barrymore replies, "I'm so grateful that you came here."

OK, so Letterman's prank wasn't quite as risqué as when Barrymore hopped up on his desk to give him an eyeful back in 1995. But it proved the pair still love a good birthday surprise.

Barrymore surprised Letterman in 1995 by jumping up on his "Late Show" desk to flash him for his 48th birthday.Cbs Photo Archive / CBS

Other celebs joining Barrymore's birthday bash on Monday include "Dateline" correspondent Keith Morrison, her "Charlie's Angels" co-star Cameron Diaz, her godfather, film director Steven Spielberg, and longtime friend Jimmy Fallon.